New Release

The Coins of the Empire

Genuine antique Roman coins with 18K gold and diamonds, and replica coins in sterling silver, both in excellent workmanship.


Queens of Color

Dazzling gemstone jewelry in classic designs made with brilliant craftsmanship that are sold at brick-and-mortar stores and surely please your customers.

Fine Jewelry OEM Since 2006

EU/US Standards Compliance

Our eco-friendly precious metals, components and e-coatings comply with the EU and US standards for Nickel, Lead, and Cadmium content. (EN 1811;  EN 12472)

Why Choose Us

Brilliant Craftsmanship

Brilliant craftsmanship by traditional goldsmiths that’s truly refined and unique.

Certified Materials

100% genuine gold, silver and gemstones guaranteed and sourced from certified producers.

Responsible Manufacturing

We purchase components and services from suppliers who align with our Code of Conduct.

New Arrival

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Floral Pearl Earrings
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Fretwork Solitaire Ring
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Mabe Pearl Floral Pendant
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Renaissance Element Gem Ring

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